Vine is a video-based version of instagram and is considered the fastest growing upcoming social network. I'm currently still working on minor bugs and glitches the bot has. Once everything is perfected I will be releasing the full version. For now, I will be releasing the beta version of the bot. It's fully functional but doesn't have other features that I'm going to be adding in the full version. The beta allows you to gain thousands of followers, likes, and comments everyday. What's great about Vine right now is that they don't have a system to limit how many people you can follow or how many pictures get liked within a specific amount of time. So as of right now they can't ban you and you can get as much followers as you want. You can also target specific groups of people to promote and market your business by using the Hash Tag feature. VineBot is User-Friendly, which makes it very easy to use.

  • Gathers usernames
  • Automated mass follow
  • Auto unfollow
  • Auto comment (from a list of custom comments)
  • Auto like


1) Download and Install
2) Run VineBot.exe
3) Login and check the boxes based upon what you want.
4) Click Run to Start the bot.

VineBot 3.2